Cross Country races are synonymous with freedom and breathtaking views.
The OffRoad Masters experts have traveled the world in search of the most memorable hotspots, the wildest landscapes and the most spectacular jumps.

In these extensive races from point A to point B you will run seamlessly facing aggressive opponents.
Alaska’s springtime will welcome you with its green forests and fishing villages, while Namibia will take your breath away with the amazing beaches, the fiery dunes and the lush Savannah.

Careful not to distract let the postcard landscapes distract you though: Cross Country races are a concentration of speed and hazards, and will require a great deal of concentration.

Justin Evans

If you avoid annoying me too much during the race, maybe I will let you cut the finish line.

Put Justin Evans within any kind of boundary and he will find a way to free himself.
What he needs are kilometers of wilderness and a four wheeler with appropriate suspensions, his desire to emerge will do the rest.

He is the youngest of the Masters, and judging by his taste in clothing he wouldn’t be out of place as a hip-hop star.
Perhaps this is why he likes to define himself as a “4-wheel drive freestyler”.

Justin loves to provoke opponents, but behind its excessive look there’s also a lot of substance and the title of Cross Country Master is there to prove it.
Do not let yourself be distracted by the jewelry and urban style, J.Evans is a true champion.