Among the off-road disciplines offered by Gravel Channel Speed Cross is by far the most technical one.
The short circuits do not leave too much room for creativity and they reward above all precision and ability to exploit the weaknesses of the opponents, enhancing the asphalt-and-dirt mix with precision and without fear of impacting on opponents.

Powersliding without losing control, braking at the right time, keeping a cold blood: these are the perfect ingredients for a winning race.

James Watanabe

Choose your path, don’t look for excuses, become the best.

In a company of hotheads, James Watanabe looks like a real piece of ice.
Tuning in on Gravel Channel you will rarely find him surrounded by huge crowds, most likely he will be in a corner of the paddock, focusing on the next race.

Its eastern calm should not however be mistaken for lack of fighting spirit: Mr. Watanabe is made of precision and muscle memory.
Maybe he lacks the taste for the show, but he knows every inch of the track.

These features make him the perfect fit for Speed Cross races, and the worst opponent for anyone who wants to try to snatch the title.