Driving at high speed in an arena filled with acrobatic jumps is certainly not your everyday business, and that’s why the Stadium Circuits offer a unique mix of spectacular maneuvers and required skills.
Ramps, narrow curves and muddy soil are perfect for skilled pilots, who are able to make the most of the jumps and maximize the low overtaking potential.

Do not be distracted by the roaring crowd: Stadium Circuit races are technical and challenging to the last curve.

Scott Parker

In life I have found I am very good at three things: driving, playing guitar and skating. Why should I choose one?

Growing up in Ventura across the 80s and the 90s means fully absorbing the Californian lifestyle, a revolution based on surf, skate and rock music.
Then, if your father was a fan of stadium races and you had spent your childhood among dizzying leaps and spectacular crashes, it is very likely that you have learnt to love even that world. Scott Parker today is the result of this incredible childhood.

His talent behind the wheel shows that he has not forgotten the teachings of his father and his choices show that he really does not lack courage.

Two years ago, when he announced a break from racing to record an album with his band, there were those who gave his racing career for finished, but he came back behind the wheel.
As a true rock star, he galvanizes himself when he hears the roar of the crowd, and he becomes unbeatable in Stadium Circuit races. When it comes to taming hundreds of supercharged horsepower, he is the undisputed king.