Gravel’s DLC Ice and Fire Announcement Trailer

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Ice and Fire is arriving, are you ready to go drifting in the frozen wonders of Iceland?
After placing you and your wheels under the scorching sun of Namibia, Polynesia and Australia, we feel that your tan is now okay, so we’re sending you to freeze your feet in Iceland!
Ice and Fire is the new Gravel’s DLC that will give you a whole new career episode, a new, panoramic, Cross Country map, and ten new tracks! Along with a series of events and a new Multiplayer arena. All of them featuring extreme snow tracks in three different settings: coast, mountain and valley. Players can race inside dormant volcanoes, illuminated by the aurora borealis or visit iconic small fishing villages. Will you be fast enough to beat your opponents in this hostile, frozen land?

Ice and Fire will be available for purchase from 28th of March on PS4, Xbox One and PC/Steam.

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