The name says it all: Wild Rush races are technical, fast and spectacular.
The OffRoad Masters experts created these closed tracks to provide some spectacle to the viewers of the show and push the top drivers to give their best.

“Blue Paradise” is an adrenaline rush set in the dream-like scenario of Polynesia: it starts from the white beaches of the coast and dives deep in the heart of a wild volcanic island.
The Pacific sun is not enough? Then maybe the cold of the Alps and the “Frozen Peak” are what you are looking for. Snow, ice and slopes are the undisputed protagonists of this circuit that runs in front of the majestic Mont Blanc.

If you are fond of dust and dizzying heights, you’ll love “The Iron Mine,” a circuit carved in the arid Australian outback, where huge rocks and steep curves are the worst opponents of each driver.
If you are looking for the true off-road spirit, tune in on Gravel Channel!

Ryan Carter

Being underestimated is one of my favorite things, it makes me savor victory even more.

If you’ve never seen him driving, Ryan Carter might look like the typical quiet and clean guy, the kind that every mother wants engaged to her own daughter. Needless to say, that would be a mistake.
He was only 17 when his father took him to a car dealer out of town, one of those with flags and a large yard with used cars, to give him a second-hand Ford Raptor as a gift: Ryan has not been the same ever since.

The football practice hours have been replaced by nights of garage tuning, success with the girls has even increased and he has become known as “the Ace of Baltimore.”

A few years later the “boyfriend of America” has landed on the screens of Gravel Channel, and has taken the title of Wild Rush Master.